Room Redesign


Redesign is using your existing furnishings to create a more functional and beautiful room.  This is done by moving furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories. 


We start this process with an one hour appointment.  During this time we will walk through the area of your home that is to be redesigned to establish your goals and expectations.   We will discuss traffic patterns, focal points, function and purpose of the room to be redesigned.  At that time, I may ask to see other rooms in your home.  The beauty of the redesign process is the ability to use items that are available from other rooms.  The purpose of this appointment is to build rapport and to insure that your wishes are met for the ultimate Redesign experience.


After the initial appointment we now are ready to transform your room.  You now have the day to enjoy yourself with your favorite activity while your room gets a professional "makeover".  Furniture will be rearranged, wall art and accessories will be professionally placed using expert placement design strategies.  The room will be arranged to maximize function and optimum beauty for that designer look without the designer price.


I also offer personal shopping. After the consultation additional items maybe needed to complete your space.  This is where my expertise will save you time and money.  I will select accessories that compliment your style and will enhance your room.  I can shop alone after a consultation or we can go together.